Our Team

At Fetish TV, our dedicated team is passionate about promoting understanding, acceptance, and inclusivity through thought-provoking and informative content. Our diverse group of professionals brings their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to create a groundbreaking series that explores the fascinating world of fetishes and alternative lifestyles.

Dr. Vivian Hart – Host and Executive Producer As a renowned sex educator and therapist, Dr. Vivian Hart brings her extensive knowledge and empathetic approach to her role as host and executive producer of Fetish TV. With a PhD in Human Sexuality, Dr. Hart is committed to breaking down barriers and challenging preconceived notions about fetishes and alternative lifestyles.

Michael Thompson – Co-Producer and Director With over a decade of experience in television production, Michael Thompson has the creative vision and technical expertise to bring Fetish TV to life. As co-producer and director, Michael is dedicated to crafting compelling narratives and creating a visually stunning series that captivates viewers.

Sophia Alvarez – Researcher and Writer Sophia Alvarez is the brilliant mind behind Fetish TV’s meticulously researched and well-written content. With a background in anthropology and a keen interest in human sexuality, Sophia ensures each episode is both informative and engaging.

Lucas Martin – Cinematographer Capturing the essence of Fetish TV’s subjects and locations, Lucas Martin’s cinematography brings a unique visual style to the series. His keen eye for detail and ability to create an intimate atmosphere helps foster a sense of connection between viewers and the individuals featured in each episode.

Ava Patel – Editor Ava Patel’s skillful editing ensures that each episode of Fetish TV flows seamlessly, guiding viewers through a captivating exploration of human desires. With a background in documentary filmmaking, Ava’s storytelling abilities are instrumental in creating a compelling and cohesive narrative.

Oliver Jackson – Sound Designer Oliver Jackson’s talent for sound design enhances the immersive nature of Fetish TV, bringing viewers even closer to the stories and experiences shared on-screen. Oliver’s expertise in capturing and mixing audio adds depth and dimension to each episode.

Jasmine Kim – Social Media and Community Manager As the voice of Fetish TV online, Jasmine Kim is responsible for fostering a supportive and engaging community across various social media platforms. Jasmine’s passion for sex-positive education and advocacy makes her the perfect ambassador for the show.

Together, our team is dedicated to creating a groundbreaking series that educates, informs, and celebrates the diverse world of fetishes and alternative lifestyles. We’re proud to contribute to a more inclusive and sex-positive world where individuals can explore their desires without fear or judgment.